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Building Material Manufacturer | ERP Transformation

Having been initially asked to lead the ERP software selection process for a Building Material Manufacturer that had grown through acquisition to use four different ERP systems. In under three months, the Liberty team was able to lead the selection of a software vendor and an implementation partner and prepare and validate the budget for the implementation. Liberty was ultimately asked to stay on to run the implementation and help to design the organizational structure to support the system.

Impact At A Glance

3 Months

Liberty and the client team selected a software vendor and implementation partner in under 3 months

4 Legacy ERP Platforms

Software selected and implementation planning performed to replace 4 legacy ERP platforms, with room for further growth

Multi-year Program

Liberty was able to prepare and validate a budget and benefits case that supported a multi-year program

Project Overview

The Liberty team was brought in to provide ERP industry, enterprise technology implementation, and manufacturing industry expertise to lead a comprehensive ERP selection process. Ultimately, the Liberty team was asked to stay on-board to run the software implementation.

The Business Problem

Over the previous several years, the client had grown significantly through acquisition. During this time, four legacy ERP platforms were used, some of which were custom, mainframe technology, with an aging workforce. These systems could not support the current businesses and, due to their lack of integration with one another, could not support the executive team’s vision of a truly global enterprise.

Liberty was asked to bring ERP and manufacturing industry expertise to build a benefits case for the ERP program while running a software selection that would enable the company to realize its objectives.

The Outcome

Partnering with the client executives, Liberty agreed upon a short list of ERP software vendors based on the client’s profile and objectives. Within weeks, Liberty and the client had narrowed down to two vendors to go through scripted demos. In just under three months, Liberty and the client team were able to select a software vendor and implementation partner, prepare and validate a budget and benefits case for a multi-year program, and produced several other artifacts to support the implementation.

After supporting the board approval process, the client asked Liberty to maintain team members from selection to run the implementation, successfully bringing live one of their largest manufacturing sites and 3PL distribution centers. Following this go-live, the team stayed on to help design the organizational structure to support the system, hire resources, and perform a knowledge transition to those resources.

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