Case Study – Global Financial Services Company
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Base II Program 90 Day Plan

We partnered with a Fortune 100 Financial Services Company's Value Optimization team to design an approach and process for facilitating communication, risk mitigation and dependency management across its large technology programs.


In the face of a heightened regulatory environment after the financial crisis, our client enlisted Liberty's help to develop a program designed to reduce risk and facilitate collaboration across a portfolio of large scale initiatives.

The Business Problem

A Fortune 100 global financial services company had simultaneously taken on several large, complex, multi-year technology transformation programs, some of which had critical regulatory deadlines and were tightly coupled with other large programs. They identified the need to manage risks and interdependencies across these programs and provide transparent communications about the programs’ progress to senior level leadership. Previous attempts to coordinate across the programs, however, were unsuccessful and each program continued to operate in a silo'ed fashion.

The Outcome

Our team was able to quickly mobilize and assess the situation. Ultimately, the team implemented a two-fold approach to address the issue:

First, the team would leverage existing application and project data from systems of record to identify potential collisions or conflicts in implementation dates across programs.

Second, a governance and communications process was established to facilitate monthly discussions with contacts from each large technology program.

Reduced Risk

  • Improved communication and collaboration across disparate technology teams that may have not otherwise interacted
  • Avoidance of potential risks associated with introduction of large amounts of change in a given time period
  • Enacted rigorous management of inter-program dependencies, ensuring no impacts to schedule or budget for either program
  • Improved planning capabilities, as long range change plan continued to be developed
  • Increased transparency and communication to leadership regarding major technology investments
  • Improved coordination between discretionary IT programs and application and infrastructure uplift and maintenance activities, reducing availability risks
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