Case Study – Fortune 500 Manufacturer
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Proactive Threat Assessment

A leading auto parts manufacturer engaged Liberty to perform a proactive review of its cyber threat landscape in order to protect its intellectual property. Even though no breach had occurred, the team's findings were notable.


A Fortune 500 Manufacturer approached Liberty to proactively review their security landscape for potential threats. Liberty was able to identify threats to the business even after substantial investments were made to deter cyber threats.

The Business Problem

A Fortune 500 manufacturer with over $3 billion in annual revenues and substantial cybersecurity investments approached Liberty for the purposes of understanding how proactive business threat intelligence could be used to complement existing information security and risk management efforts.

The Outcome

Liberty immediately identified current and active threats against the manufacturer that had been previously unknown to them and their managed security service provider. Liberty identified three key vulnerabilities that represented a significant risk level to the company. The risks included a company webpage susceptible to a security breach, a series of employee usernames and passwords exposed on the dark web that could be used to access encrypted data, and finally a webpage for an overseas joint-venture (JV) infected with malware that put the entire company at risk. When presented to executive leadership, these findings were immediately put into a threat remediation plan.

Reduced Risk

The impact was immediate. Because of these findings, Liberty was asked by corporate leadership to present at their annual board meeting to foster renewed security awareness and ushering wholesale change to existing information security efforts. Not only did the manufacturer realize a historical misallocation of its resources relative to the threat, but affirmed its commitment to effective enterprise security through a strategic investment in preventative and corrective controls, robust JV due diligence, and persistent BTI analysis of threats in a dynamic security landscape.

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