Case Study – National Eyecare & Vision Retailer

Customer Centric Digital Transformation

We assisted a large optical retailer to define and enable a digital strategy, roadmap, and plan to drive an incremental $25MM-$50MM annually.


A large optical retailer needed to integrate new technology, define a new operating model, and enable new processes in order to achieve customer-centricity in its new omnichannel environment. By leveraging a digital transformation that focused on improving the customer web experience, optimizing omni-channel capabilities, and strengthening their marketing capabilities, we enabled accelerated direct and indirect customer conversion.

The Business Problem

A large optical retailer needed to define a strategy and approach to unify its brick and mortar and online retail businesses around a cohesive, omnichannel vision. The strategy needed to seamlessly accommodate customers in both channels while unifying the operating model and disparate systems serving each channel behind the scenes. The goal was to drive conversion directly through the e-commerce channel but also indirectly through their stores.

The Outcome

We enabled new technology, enhanced systems integration, implemented a new operating model, and defined new processes in order to drive the business case and achieve customer-centricity in their new omnichannel environment. The first part of the customer-centric journey was a Digital Transformation which focused on improving the customer web experience, delivering omnichannel capabilities, and enhancing their marketing capabilities through a ‘single view of a customer.'



In Top-Line Benefit

Accelerated Growth

With Liberty's direction and planning we were able to generate $25MM in top-line benefit through improved conversion.

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