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C-level executives are under constant pressure to find new ways to improve their companies’ supply chains. But amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be challenging to know where to focus your attention. One area that is more important than ever is supply chain sustainability.

During the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21), 195 nations agreed to the first universal, legally binding global climate deal on climate change. With a significant focus on the Sustainability of the Supply Chain, many organizations have stepped up their efforts toward using renewable energy.

Failed IT projects continue to occur at higher alarming rates and impact business efficiency and growth. Here are six factors to keep in your back pocket when planning large-scale IT transformation project for success.

There was a significant challenge in conventional thinking after school shutdowns. Implementation of different hybrid and remote approaches to teaching and distance learning increased as COVID-19 kicked to the curb classroom status quo. What is Ed Tech? Ed Tech (educational technology) is a terminology used to refer to companies that create hardware and software solutions…

2022 is here, which apart from being great news, raises lots of questions about what the future holds. This year, the trends set in 2021 are only going to get stronger. Expect robust economic growth, rising employment rates, and expansion. Above that, expect lots of technology.

Consumers felt its disruptive impact when borders closed and countries were locked down. These disruptions may have inconvenienced the world’s population, but they had significant repercussions for the global economy. In this article, we’ll discuss more on what you should know about digital supply chain. In 2020, the US and EU suffered an estimated $4T…

Corporations are seeing an increasing need to implement AI due to the COVID-19 pandemic as shifts in the workplace threaten their traditional infrastructure.

With advancements in 5G technology, autonomous vehicles are making great strides towards reality. The global driverless car market is anticipated to experience a compound annual growth rate of 18.06% between 2020-2025.

5G or fifth-generation wireless technology is a term that you have probably heard about in the media recently. Understanding what 5G is and how it’s set to reinvent life as we know it is critical for B2B and B2C companies.

COVID-19 continues to impact companies across the world in new and unusual ways, unlike anything else in modern history. Never before have companies had greater reliance on access to global suppliers, customers, and resources. While highly beneficial for the growth of the global economy, this strength has quickly turned into a major risk due to COVID-19.  Companies are struggling to manage diverse and complex supply chains, with decreased access to data. Additionally, consumer preferences have been turned upside down in many industries, as customer purchasing habits have changed due to changing priorities and financial volatility.