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Liberty’s ERP expert, Dave Leopold, outlines the preparation items that can be started right away to ensure a successful ERP transformation.

Liberty’s ERP Expert, Dave Leopold, outlines the migration path options companies face when moving off of legacy ERP systems.

Here was our prompt for ChatGPT: PROMPT: Write an article on how ChatGPT will disrupt the traditional enterprise software upgrade cycle over then next 10 years. Give specific examples to ways AI can surpass ERP as a functional business enhancer give me more supporting detail and try this again, in longer form. write a title…

Liberty worked with a client to migrate them from SAP ECC to S/4 HANA, helping unlock their ERP of the future.

As technology advances, the seemingly complex becomes more and more achievable. SAP is no different. Their new Go-to-Market offering, RISE, provides the market with an attractive path to both SAP and the cloud. Clarify your understanding of RISE and where it falls within the broader SAP landscape to ensure you evaluate this opportunity for your organization.

ERP solutions comprised the lion’s share of a global estimated $600 billion in enterprise software spending in 2021. However, year after year, ERP initiatives prove to be a game of roulette, with unpredictable risks and rewards. Before starting an ERP project, it is essential to evaluate your organization’s ability to take on the initiative.

Traditional selection methodologies are riddled with inefficiencies and take much longer than they should. Liberty outlines four speed and quality focus areas that will make your selection process quicker as well as drive value. Save your money for the real work, and see your ERP payback in months with Liberty!

Liberty Advisor Group’s Michael Atkinson explores the advantages and challenges of conducting a complex enterprise software selection in a remote setting.

ERPs help manufacturers achieve measurable benefits, but deploying such a solution does not guarantee improvements. To increase the likelihood of realizing quantifiable outcomes, Liberty developed a simple method to identify and validate benefits that ERPs can facilitate.

Major transformational technology initiatives such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects are typically big, costly, and complicated. Even today, many fail to live up to expectations. As consultants, we’ve spent countless hours helping clients avoid or recover from mistakes – and unsurprisingly, avoidance is always less painful than recovery. In the spirit of helping you avoid costly mistakes in your transformational technology initiatives, we would like to share with you five expressions we commonly hear that tend to indicate there are problems on the horizon.