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Emerge Stronger: Leading Through The Crisis

By Liberty Advisor Group

Emerge Stronger

Times of crisis in the business sector can often lead to an overall improvement if one takes insight and a little courage to make changes.

Leaders must build adaptive organizations that rapidly respond to changing conditions, in order to deliver customer value and stave off competition and remain relevant.


Strategically cut non-critical costs to adhere to new targets and realign IT spend to support new priorities

  • Bolster your employee’s safety and virtual work capabilities
  • Reduce IT costs and non-essential spend
  • Negotiate investment from vendors on existing contracts
  • Support the collections of outstanding receivables


Reorganize workforce to priorities, rationalize capabilities, renegotiate services, and realign to strategic priorities

  • Identify technology capabilities required to enable new business priorities
  • Pivot your operating model to increase IT organization agility, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Assess the skills needed for your company’s future and protect critical talent
  • Invest in operational enabler projects (experimentation at scale)
  • Re-structure your vendor contracts and move to “rent model” as much as possible
  • Expand the supply chain to ensure supply chain continuity


Build a strategy that allows you to exit this interim period a stronger position post downturn

  • Establish a virtual operating model that your company can use now and in the long-term
  • Improve cyber and environmental security as you bring sites back online
  • Update your demand planning to accommodate shifts in product and demand
  • Invest in improved data and reporting, cleanse and govern master data
  • Improve business continuity planning
  • Re-train and acquire new skills for your employees and organization and if required, shed resources that are no longer relevant in the new strategy

Liberty Advisor Group can help you lead through the crisis and ensure that you do Emerge Stronger from the crisis.


Liberty Advisor Group is a goal-oriented, client-focused and results-driven consulting firm. We are a lean, handpicked team of strategists, technologists, and entrepreneurs – battle-tested experts with a steadfast, start-up attitude. Our team, with an average of 15+ years of experience, has delivered over $1 billion in operating income improvement and over 300 M&A deals for our clients. We collaborate, integrate and ideate in real-time with our clients to deliver situation-specific solutions that work. Liberty Advisor Group has the experience to realize our clients’ highest ambitions. This year, Liberty has been named to the 2019 Best Places to Work in Chicago and to FORTUNE’s list of Best Workplaces in Consulting and Professional Services.

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By Liberty Advisor Group