Liberty’s Maggie Ross wins prestigious ‘Rising Star’ Award


Liberty Advisor Group Principal Consultant Maggie Ross (previously Morris) has won a Consulting Magazine ‘Rising Stars of the Profession’ Award in the ‘Leadership’ category. The award, which will be presented at a dinner in Chicago on April 11, recognizes the achievements of consultants aged under 35.

Maggie belongs to Liberty’s Data and Analytics team. She partners with leaders throughout business organizations to implement complex projects in data and analytics strategy, enterprise information management, and predictive, prescriptive and machine learning analytics, from planning through post-implementation.

Maggie has nine years of industry and consulting experience, focusing on enterprise infrastructure and mid- to large-sized data and analytics implementations. Prior to joining Liberty in 2017, she completed a highly competitive Technology Leadership Development program at Allstate Insurance and was a founding member at IBM Watson Analytics. She has a B.S. in Management of Information Systems from St. Louis University.

Among Maggie’s achievements to date has been a successful project in autonomous vehicle technology, creating end-to-end supply chain processes and establishing global partnerships with vendors for a client in this sector. When the client experienced overwhelmingly positive reviews at the Consumer Electronics Show, Maggie was pleased to know that she’d had a direct impact on their public success.

Factors that have been important in Maggie’s success include her ability to adapt in social settings and to gain the trust of clients. She explains, “I know to be an effective consultant my client has to know that I am working with them to achieve their desired outcomes.”

The most exciting part of her consulting career is the fact that she is constantly learning. “This is key to keeping me engaged in my work,” Maggie says. “Consulting is the only career that allows me to learn about several businesses and industries in a fast-paced environment. I am not only focused on learning new ways to solve technical issues, but also constantly learning about effective management styles from C-Suite executives.” The best advice she recalls receiving is to “fail fast and not to let the perfect become the enemy of the good” – in other words, to keep perfectionism in check and to seek constructive criticism.

When asked what winning this award means to her, Maggie says, “I am humbled and incredibly proud to be named a Rising Star, but it is really a collective award for my colleagues and family. My colleagues provide constant opportunities that challenge me and allow me to grow personally and professionally. Even more importantly, my family stands behind me 100% and offer their full support and understanding about my demanding and unpredictable schedule.”


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