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Sweeping change is affecting the Manufacturing and Distribution sector. Technological advancements, evolution in consumer behavior, and pressures for greater efficiency are key driving factors. Manufacturing and Distribution companies can no longer rely on the pre-pandemic normal. Higher expectations and innovative technologies will drive the need to redefine their offerings and the way they do business, and accelerate growth.

Our Impact

How we are currently helping clients

SAP Migration for Industrial Manufacturer

Managed the on-time migration from SAP ECC to S/4 HANA for a multiple production-location and business unit manufacturing company.

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ERP Carve-out for $800M Divestiture

Advised and executed the carve-out of two business units sold to foreign entities, including SAP and non-ERP apps, infrastructure, and collaboration platforms.

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Analytics Platform for National Fixture Manufacturer

While working on another project for our client, the Liberty team spotted an opportunity in the data to increase operating income by 40% during the first year.

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Our Capabilities

We work across multiple functions within our Manufacturing & Distribution clients

Our Thoughts

Our latest thinking around Manufacturing & Distribution challenges

NAED Webinar

The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) asked Liberty Advisor Group to inform industry leaders on how best to leverage Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Distribution now and in the future.

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Strategic Cloud Migration

Liberty outlines our perspective on cloud migration and the factors that should influence a company’s decision to make the migration…and cost isn’t the only one to consider.

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Supply Chain Cybersecurity

Supply chain cyberattacks are increasing. Liberty outlines the key risk areas and ways to mitigate these risks to keep your company, and supply chain, safe from attacks.

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