Chris Shank


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Complex Program Management


ERP Transformation



B.S. in General Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy

Mr. Shank brings over 12 years of management and leadership experience in the defense and national security sectors with a focus on intelligence and technology.  His results-driven approach and experience influencing cross-functional teams helps reduce risk and promote flexibility while producing desired outcomes. 

Since joining Liberty Advisor Group, Chris has contributed to some of Liberty’s most high-profile projects and offerings. He has driven ERP transformations, integrating new systems and processes while meeting timeline and budgetary expectations. Chris spearheaded the information security training evaluation of one of our largest clients. He was also integral to the initial project management and development of our new cyber threat quantification and analysis solution, Cybeta.

Prior to Liberty, Chris was a Cryptologic Warfare Officer for 12 years with the U.S. Navy and the Department of Defense. During his career, he held a number of positions conducting signals collection, intelligence reporting and analysis, strategic and exercise planning, and cybersecurity operations. Highlights include establishing policies and procedures for a command level organization, providing on-site strategic and intelligence support, and leading development of planning and training scenarios for a nationwide cybersecurity exercise.

Chris joined Liberty to help clients solve their commercial and business problems through the application of his leadership and cybersecurity experience. He takes pride in his ability to tackle complex challenges while working within clients’ cultures and environments. The family he’s found at Liberty provides both a sense of comradery and a breadth of experience to grow as a consultant, continuously improving client experience and delivery.

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