Business & Technology Strategy

Our teams develop executable recommendations that align tangible initiatives to business goals. We apply industry trends, proven practices, and our firm experience to define and implement outcome-based strategies.

Key Differentiators

What makes us effective

Tailored Approach

We take an individualized approach to every project which allows us to both streamline and maximize the value of your business capabilities and technology enablers


We focus on developing integrated business technology strategy by assessing top-down business needs with bottom-up technical capabilities to align on a realistic path forward in a way that is fiscally responsible and as self-funding as possible

Relevance & Speed

Our extensive functional, technical, and industry experience allows us to quickly evaluate the current-state and develop a go-forward roadmap that aligns to our clients’ long-term vision and key industry trends.

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Omni-channel Strategy is a new way of doing business that transforms an organization of disconnected technologies and processes into an integrated, customer-centric business. Depending on the strategic priorities or key business problems of the client, we focus on all aspects of the customer lifecycle—awareness, acquisition, sales, service, loyalty—to help identify opportunities to improve the customer experience, drive conversion, and ultimately increase sales.

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Product Development & Management

We have a wide breadth of experience in product management, development, and rationalization allowing your business to move from a traditional product company to a technology-enabled products and services company. Our teams focus on balancing time to market, risk and business opportunity, all while expertly bridging knowledge between business strategy, engineering and software development teams.

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Technology Offerings

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IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture

For IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture, we define the strategic business directives that continue through the creation of the technology implementation roadmap. Liberty ensures that your business strategy is adequately supported with mature capabilities – people, process, and technology – which ultimately results in top to bottom alignment and the enablement of strategic architecture.

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Cloud, Software, & ERP Transformation

At Liberty, we recognize that every company is a software company, and we embrace the idea that business transformation is not an IT project. Businesses that are capable of quickly adapting to a growing and rapidly changing set of customer expectations gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

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Technology Transformation Management

At Liberty, we provide our clients the tools to effectively optimize and align their technology architecture, applications, services and processes, and we work with you to build a governance structure capable of carrying out your business’s goals. Through communication and the definition and implementation of specific solutions, Liberty can help your business mature and thrive.

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Infrastructure Optimization

When approaching an infrastructure optimization, our professionals recognize that while technical expertise is important, it isn’t the only consideration. Our teams seek to understand business goals and develop roadmaps that support the business vision, rather than addressing technology in a vacuum. This allows us to develop unique solutions that our peers may not consider.

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