Business Threat Intelligence

We specialize in the integrated collection and analysis of business threat intelligence, threat quantification, and design strategic fusion cells to better assist our clients and support within increasingly unpredictable landscapes.

Key Differentiators

What makes us effective

Deep Expertise

Our analysts have decades of experience as both the attackers against and the defenders of organizations. We cut our teeth in premiere government programs tackling the hardest foreign problems. We are also equally experienced in analyzing and identifying foreign tactics, techniques and procedures to determine pre-emptive patterns that can be used to mitigate threats before they breach your network.


We understand that organizations are often inundated with cyber data that has little, unknown or unclear relevance to their actual security. We cut through the noise and provide not intelligence data, but Business Threat Intelligence which is contextualized and actionable.

Contextualized & Actionable

They’re not just buzzwords; they define what we do and what we provide to customers. We deliver expert analysis of threat intelligence coupled with financial impact analysis and cross-functional mitigation solutions allowing executives a “single pane of glass” from which to make everything from tactical security activities to strategic transformational decisions and investments.

Threat Intelligence Service Offerings

Our Capabilities

Threat Quantification

Utilizing our combined firm expertise in both cyber threats and financial due diligence, the Liberty team designed and employs a proprietary Financial Impact Tool (FITTM). FITTM provides C-Suite executives with realistic probable cyber loss (RPCL) estimates due to internal or critical vendor threats. RPCL matches vulnerability data, with threat intelligence and expert financial analysis. The FITTM model calculates estimated total company value at risk from specific threats by using a proprietary algorithm that utilizes over 30 specific threat sources from continuous updates gathered from dark web mining to company financial and operational information.

Threat Collection Engine (TCETM)

The Threat Collection Engine (TCETM) is a sophisticated collection and analysis platform providing advanced indications and warnings on emerging cyber-attacks by analyzing networks of global data looking for hidden indicators of reconnaissance. TCETM hunts down and detects upstream, downstream and peering threats to an organization’s business operations. In analyzing current hacker discussions, changes to behavioral TTPs, and obscure vulnerabilities within global internet infrastructure and supply chain networks, TCETM is able to preemptively warn our clients about likely impending attacks before they create business disruptions.

Threat βetaTM

Threat βetaTM measures the cyber security risk of an individual company in comparison to all other companies in the world. Liberty derives Threat βetaTM using machine learning algorithms of dark web data to assess a company’s risk cluster, technology vulnerabilities, and 3rd party exposure. Threat βetaTM is an input into Liberty’s maximum probable cyber losses (MPCL) calculation that forecasts a company’s cyber security insurance needs in a given year. The higher the threat beta, the worse the outcome for a company with 1.0 being average.


A key component to any business security operations team is to have real time analysis of internal and external threat intelligence. Using proprietary tools developed by Liberty analysts, our team is able to consistently strive to keep companies ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape by cutting down the time it takes to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, exploits and threats. By constantly scouring all-source intelligence sources and understanding in intimate detail attacker tactics, techniques and procedures, Liberty’s Triton Overwatch provides enriched and actionable information that acts as a force multiplier for in-house security capabilities.

Secure Vendor ProgramTM (SVP)

As part of the Business Threat Intelligence program, the Secure Vendor ProgramTM (SVP) is designed to provide enterprises with a critical understanding of the mappable network footprint, vulnerabilities and threat posture of vendors, suppliers, and other critical dependencies. Provides contextualized actionable intelligence on active threats affecting relevant third parties and the impact those threats could have on the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data, systems, and critical business functions. Prepares customers with a deep awareness on threats that might be inherited as the result of normal business-to-business relationships. Equips customers with valuable intelligence to be used as leverage over potentially vulnerable partners that can obligate better security, enhance contractual agreements, and improve negotiation strategies and save on expensive cost centers.

Intelligence Fusion
Cells (IFC)

Liberty helps clients design, establish and maintain an IFC; a cross-functional strategic body serving as the focal point for the collection, analysis, & sharing of threat intelligence across their enterprise and throughout their vendor ecosystem. Supported by expert collection and analysis across Deep, Dark and Surface Web from our centralized Intelligence Fusion Center, Liberty empowers client security to include relevant and critical inputs from Finance, Operations, IT, HR, R&D and all other relevant areas of the business. The client IFC bolsters existing security investments, improves communication of threats throughout the company, and mitigates future threats efficiently.

Threat ΑlphaTM

Threat ΑlphaTM is the additional return on investment (ROI) that Liberty consultants obtain for clients by formulating a comprehensive plan to mitigate their cybersecurity risks. A typical cyber mitigation firm will use automated software to generate ideas for a client to complete on their own. Liberty’s Triton cyber consultants put together a comprehensive mitigation plan that takes into account the client’s cyber skill level, security budget, timeline, and cross-functional needs. For the implementation part, Liberty’s Triton team can drive the needed change or work as a project manager to make sure resources aren’t wasted.

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