Built by experts from various U.S. National Intelligence communities and designed to mimic the best cyber adversaries, our cybersecurity offerings provide critical insights into your organization’s cyber posture at present, over time, and into the future. Our team provides top layer cyber defense with the main objective of helping you avoid breaches in the first place.

Key Differentiators

What makes us effective

US Intelligence-Trained Experts

Our team is made up of US intelligence-trained experts that have gained their skills from decades of experience at the DoD and U.S. National Intelligence communities.

Reverse Engineering the Hackers' Methods

We have proven tools to predict attacks with hackers’ thinking built into your intelligence-driven defense. We are able to pre-empt attacks before they even start.

Mitigate Risk and Maximize Return

We have the experience to arm you with the facts and intelligence you need to make the best ROI decisions in real-time.

Cybersecurity Service Offerings

Our Capabilities

Build Cyber Intelligence

We specialize in the integrated collection and analysis of business threat intelligence, threat quantification, and design strategic fusion cells to better protect and support our clients within increasingly unpredictable landscapes.

Measure Cyber Threat Impacts

Using a proprietary bottom-up method, we capture the complete financial impact to your organization in the case of a cyber-attack.

Predict Cyber Attacks

By mimicking an attacker’s reconnaissance and updating hundreds of data feeds in near-real-time, we provide a predictive cyber-attack barometer that allows you to be pre-emptive and enables attack prevention.

Stop Cyber Attacks

With continuous monitoring, analysis, and real-time alerts we give you the warning needed to avoid emerging cyber threats.

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