Mergers & Acquisitions

We focus on helping our clients realize the intended value of these transactions while carefully considering the risk and workload required to complete the transactions successfully.

Our Key Differentiators


We understand the fast-paced nature of M&A deals and we help accelerate our clients' respective M&A timelines. This translates into quicker value realization and a process that eliminates unnecessary noise.


Our teams are typically comprised of both former operators and seasoned consultants, allowing us to deliver a perspective that provides both a strategic external view as well as deep industry operational excellence.


Our professionals have deep industry-specific experience and relevant technical expertise. We can translate code-level terminology into associated risks or opportunities and accurately assess target situations.

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Transaction Advisory Offerings

Our Capabilities

Merger Integration

Integration Management Office (IMO)

We recognize that while mergers and acquisitions can provide tremendous strategic and financial value and opportunities for growth, there are associated risks that can often fail due to poor merger execution. Our multidisciplinary skillset effectively blends analytical, industry and functional expertise, allowing us to mitigate the pitfalls of M&A deals.

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Carve Out Management

Separation Management Office (SMO)

We define carve out management as the sale or disposal of a portion of a company or series of assets, with the goal of providing the remaining entity with increased liquidity, a reduced debt burden and improved strategic positioning. We tailor our approach to each client and utilize our deep technical expertise, a non-leveraged delivery model and exclusive senior talent to quickly reach our clients’ goals.

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IT Due Diligence

IT Due Diligence is the process of investigating a business’s information technology on behalf of a potential acquirer. By identifying key risks and opportunities, we help investors understand their intended target’s information technology environment. Liberty has experience providing due diligence on target’s internal IT operations, IT services for software enabled businesses, assessments of target technology companies where software is the core asset and digital media presence.

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