Transformation & Assurance

Our teams understand how to define critical success factors, identify key risks, and are able to translate that knowledge into successful program execution.

Our Key Differentiators

Speed & Focus

We will quickly dive into the key factors that drive success and failure. From your ability to drive change to your experience with the business processes and technologies that compose the change effort.


Our teams are comprised of both former operators and seasoned consultants, all of whom have seen the ups and downs of complex transformation efforts.

Domain Expertise

Strong program management requires deep domain expertise. Our professionals anticipate and drive resolution to program issues and risks, as well as ensure that solutions harvest their intended value.

Value Management

The ultimate objective of a transformation effort is to maximize the value delivered. Our consultants focus on the key value-drivers and the structure required to maximize value creation.

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Transformation & Assurance Offerings

Complex Program Management

We recognize that transformation efforts are very difficult to execute. They require significant experience and a unique set of skills to drive the factors that will ultimately determine program success and failure. Our professionals understand that foundational program management tools are table stakes and are able to quickly deploy and tailor the tools to specific program needs. Liberty is also able to help navigate the complex stakeholder environments that so often accompany large transformational programs.

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Delivery Optimization - Methods & Models

With the growth and adoption of new development methodologies, many organizations have adopted the perspective that all transformation efforts should follow the same delivery method. Liberty believes that there are benefits with different delivery approaches and that each effort should be assessed individually. Thus, we will apply an objective, methodological approach to determining the most appropriate method to follow on each transformation program.

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Business Architecture Optimization & Design

Liberty has extensive experience helping organizations design and optimize their business architecture. Our unique approach begins with understanding the organization’s broader mission, vision, and objectives. These are used as the cornerstone of defining and optimizing business processes & capabilities. It is critical that the organization understand how their business processes deliver value to the organization so they can identify where to invest their efforts to produce maximum value.

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Target Operating Model Design

Liberty specializes in the creation of a target operating model for your business’s transformation. Our core components of a successful operating model span process definition to enable data and systems, key performance metrics, and a clearly designed organizational structure. We will work hand and hand with your organization to define, document and implement these key operating model aspects, and to define changes as they occur throughout implementation.

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Organizational Change Management

Our objective approach allows us to focus on enterprise value over organizational politics, and to successfully identify and execute client objectives. Our experienced, senior advisors have first-hand experience working in and advising on a wide range operating models and organization designs, and will carefully guide your business through its optimization.

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