Global Retail Banking Company | Consumer Card Remediation

A major data breach at a global retail bank required swift action to remediate vulnerabilities. Liberty was able to quickly respond with actionable intelligence to address the incident and future threats.

Impact At A Glance

Thorough Investigative Techniques

Confirmed the bank had been targeted for over two years

Gathered Intelligence

Confirmed the origins of the attack with a high degree of probability

Total Overhaul of Security Practices

Based on the information presented

Project Overview

Liberty was engaged in response to a cyberattack at a global retail bank comprising customer card and account data. The team was able to utilize proprietary analysis techniques to quickly determine the cause of the attack and other vulnerabilities.

The Business Problem

A global retail bank with over a billion dollars in annual revenue announced that nearly 20,000 of its customer credit card accounts had been targeted by a cyberattack, resulting in millions of dollars of unauthorized charges, potential severe regulatory penalties, and erosion of its corporate brand and reputation.

The Outcome

Using proprietary dark and deep web investigative techniques, Liberty confirmed the bank had been targeted for over two years and collected threat intelligence that pinpointed numerous indicators of compromise, such as historical evidence of attack planning and existing network vulnerabilities that remained unpatched. Liberty collected and analyzed evidence of previous phishing attempts from the dark web and learned of social media complaints by bank customers a year prior. Using the intelligence gathered, the Liberty team was able to confirm with high probability the origin of the attacks. The evidence presented was so compelling, the bank engaged in a total overhaul of its security practices, processes, and procedures.

The case presented was so powerful that the bank is now in the process of implementing remediation across its enterprise, with specific emphasis on endpoint security, employee training and awareness, and persistent business threat intelligence analysis for the purposes of early warning and prevention.

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