Liberty develops a strategic roadmap to transform technology processes and deliver high business value


Liberty Advisor Group

The Ask

To help improve the value IT was delivering to the business, a World Leading Manufacturer engaged Liberty to assess their IT organization and develop a roadmap to rapidly transform their technology processes and organization.

The Business Problem

The IT organization was misaligned with its business partners and was viewed as a cost center rather than a business enabler. Investment in IT was above industry benchmarks and lacked the appropriate balance between maintenance activities and strategic initiatives. Many critical business functions were reliant on outdated and out of support technology, which presented significant risk to maintaining ongoing operations and optimal business productivity.

The Outcome

Liberty worked with the business and IT organizations to develop plans and initiatives that resulted in:

  • Development of a strategic roadmap based on the prioritization of existing and future projects to business need and value
  • Reduction of technical debt while addressing critical application risks
  • Identification of near-term pragmatic investments to deliver business value in advance of long-term solutions
  • Development of a business endorsed, actionable plan for remediating IT risks that support short and long-term business objectives
  • Greater communication, cooperation and alignment between IT and Business leadership

Business & Technology Strategy

Liberty applies a pragmatic and outcomes based approach to strategy by applying industry trends, proven practices and our firm experience: Our teams develop executable recommendations that align tangible initiatives to business goals: Technology is employed where it can act as an enabler and even a profit center to deliver business value through cost savings, reduced risk and operational efficiency: Our highly effective and efficient Liberty experts center this work around Business-Driven IT Strategies, Delivery Assurance, New Product Offerings and Complex Program Management.


Liberty Advisor Group

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