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2018 MAPI Risk Management Council Meeting


Liberty Advisor Group Business Threat Intelligence Executives led a cybersecurity tabletop exercise at the MAPI Conference for senior risk managers and investment relations leaders.

On 08 March 2018, G2S/Liberty Advisor Group Business Threat Intelligence Executives led a cybersecurity tabletop exercise at the MAPI Investor Relations Council roundtable forum for senior risk managers and investment relations leaders.  The participants were satisfied by the training and believe that the exercise well illustrated the roles of cybersecurity insurance, preventive Business Threat Intelligence, and investing in quantifiable information security strategies.

Cybersecurity training plays a vital role in preparing incident response teams to follow playbooks in the event of a breach efficiently.  The MAPI council participants role-played the thought process of incident response executives during a real-life cyber-attack.  Throughout the training, participants realized that when a cyber-attack playbook gets put to the test, things often don’t play out as planned. A communication plan and decision-making structure is often more important than expecting any incident to unfold in a clean and practiced manner.

During the one day-session, 20 executives in the manufacturing industry performed a tabletop exercise that was made based on a scenario of a significant enterprise that was the victim of a malicious cyber-attack.  The roundtable was challenged with the tasks of finding, isolating, and remediating the security incident affecting production operations.  The participants had four hours to discuss and assume the roles of both the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the Chief Operating Officer (COO).  The participants were led through the tabletop exercise by G2S Business Threat Intelligence Executives and their strategic partners at McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Vice Presidents Suzanne Gladle and Adam Lantrip. After the exercise was complete the team reviewed the benefits of cybersecurity insurance and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued cybersecurity reporting guidance for publicly traded companies released on February 20th.  In the wake of a series of high profile data breaches and increased regulatory scrutiny in the US and EU, senior leaders left the MAPI conference table top exercise with practical and critical incident response takeaways carved from the hard lessons of real-world breaches.