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Do you Know if you Have Been Impacted by the Supermicro Big Hack?

By Cybersecurity Group


Supermicro is the latest hack to affect the businesses world. Here are some key points to get you up to speed on what is happening and if you could potentially be impacted.

What is the Supermicro Hack?

Bloomberg reported this week that the Chinese Government conducted a hardware attack on several large US companies (including Amazon and Apple) by implanting a malicious microchip on Supermicro server motherboards.

What is a Hardware attack?

It is an infection hardcoded onto your computer and the most effective type of computer hacking. A hardware attack is undetectable without physical inspection.

What is the Hackers’ end goal?

Hardware attacks provide secret backdoor, long-term access to intellectual property and company information.

Who is affected?

Potentially most of the Fortune 1000 companies are impacted directly or indirectly.

What should you do?

First, determine if you have Supermicro equipment. Liberty Advisor Group can help. With over 100 years combined intelligence experience, we are proactive heralds that provide advanced indications and warning to help you forecast and avoid your greatest threats.

By Cybersecurity Group