$70M Avoided in Cybersecurity Breach Losses


The ask

One of the world’s largest athletic clothing designers and manufacturers asked the Cybeta™ team to analyze which technologies provided the best cybersecurity protection in its e-commerce technology stack.

The business problem

The athletic clothing designers asked us to examine their current and proposed technology stacks to determine the optimal e-commerce setup for cybersecurity. Company executives wanted to take a thoughtful approach to selecting a mix of technologies to power their e-commerce sites, while protecting against cybersecurity threats. They asked the Cybeta team to assess the cyber vulnerabilities of their technology choices.

The outcome

Cybeta’s cybersecurity experts – in conjunction with Liberty Advisor Group’s data science and financial analytics teams – assembled a self-service portal for the client to explore the technology options that would provide the highest return on investment. Combining Threat Beta™ (a patent-pending cyber risk quantification technology) with Threat Alpha™ (a proprietary bottom-up methodology that calculates the complete financial impact to an organization from a successful cyber attack) yielded a measure of the client’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities for each technology. Mixing different technologies resulted in changes to Threat Beta, breach likelihood, return on investment, and potential breach damages that the client could use to make more informed investment decisions. Based on these efforts, the client realized multiple benefits, including:

  • Avoiding up to $70M in cybersecurity breach losses by improving their technology mix
  • Ability to invest in the best technology mix to lower overall cybersecurity risk
  • Expanding understanding of new, lower-risk services that could replace existing technology.

Threat Alpha™ analysis

All good cybersecurity plans should start with an assessment of risks (based on Threat Beta) and a quantification of potential losses (based on Threat Alpha). The combination of these data points allows a company to better plan cybersecurity investments that lower overall risk and provide a solid return on investment.

About Liberty Advisor Group

Liberty Advisor Group is a goal-oriented, client-focused and results-driven consulting firm. We are a lean, handpicked team of strategists, technologists and entrepreneurs – battle-tested experts with a steadfast, start-up attitude: In 2019 Liberty Advisor Group announced the launch of Cybeta™, a suite of intelligence products and services designed to help keep your business off the Cyber X: The product suite is tested and proven to predict future breaches and will give you the business threat intelligence needed to outpace your competition in the cybersecurity battle: Cybeta was built by US intelligence-trained experts that have gained their skills from decades of experience at the DoD and U.S. National Intelligence communities:In 2019, Liberty has been named to the 2019 Best Places to Work in Chicago and to FORTUNE’s list of Best Workplaces in Consulting and Professional Services.


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