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Construction Equipment Manufacturer | Supply Chain Optimization

Liberty created a comprehensive supplier assessment process to identify and remediate issues in relevant areas across the client’s supply chain. 

Impact At A Glance


in excess inventory identified


of products with changing leadtimes in fixed horizon identified

2-3 weeks

per supplier assessment 

Project Overview

Liberty was engaged to conduct an in-depth analysis and provide remediations for a distressed supplier that produced a key component in the client’s supply chain.

The Business Problem

A producer of a key component in the client’s production process was continually behind on fulfilling orders due to a disconnect between demand from individual facilities and what the supplier was forecasting. The component manufacturing was suffering financially, and the client’s production process was being disrupted as a result.

The Outcome

Liberty directed in-depth analysis of the supplier’s operations by conducting on-site interviews, detailing the production process from start to finish, and evaluating documentation across all relevant areas.

  • Liberty identified nine relevant areas to the production process; funding, components, inventory management, labor, operations, equipment, logistics, relationship management, and criticality
  • Discovered areas of weakness and their cause (supplier-driven, client driven, or joint), provided detailed remediations including who is responsible for driving the work, and established systems for tracking progress effectively
  • Developed individual project flows for correcting specific faults in the supplier-client relationship, while also adding new considerations to existing processes
  • Aligned work going forward to precise problem statements to ensure adjustments were in line with Liberty-named weak spots
  • Conducted frequency/volume breakdowns for individual components provided by the supplier to establish a more effective demand-planning model

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