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Hurricane Maria Response | Infrastructure Planning & Execution

Liberty led a comprehensive assessment after Huricane Maria to determine and manage the recovery plan. 

Impact At A Glance

Detailed analysis on the ~$85B in allocated federal funds


Developed critical path plan of initiatives to maximize impact to address critical infrastructure

Managed stakeholder communications across various local / national government agencies 

Project Overview

Over the course of just a few hours, Hurricane Maria caused Puerto Rico’s entire electric grid to fail, its network of roads and highways to be disrupted, and clean drinking water delivery system to collapse. 

The Business Problem

Liberty was asked to partner with the Rockefeller Foundation and assist in their commitment to long-term recovery after the Hurricane. Together, they supported the Puerto Rican-led effort to assess the data and prioritize the overall recovery effort to rebuild the island physically, socially, and economically for the future.

The Outcome

In collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, Liberty Advisor Group spearheaded the Hurricane Maria recovery assessment. This involved identifying critical initiatives supported by approximately $85 billion in federal funding. Liberty developed a roadmap and critical path plan for the initiatives to maximize their impact on critical infrastructure.

The assessment included a detailed analysis of the allocated federal funds, the entities responsible for distributing each portion of the funding, the ongoing recovery initiatives, and the organizations requiring funding and resources to successfully advance their initiatives.

Liberty presented a detailed strategy to The Rockefeller Foundation, outlining initiatives where they could have the most meaningful impact on the island and its people in Puerto Rico. Additionally, Liberty managed stakeholder communications across various local and national government agencies and the Rockefeller Foundation, and led cross-initiative coordination and program management.

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