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Liberty was engaged by a long-time and highly acquisitive client to assist them with the critical element of a Data Architecture Strategy for a Master Data Management (MDM) solution.

Impact At A Glance

20+ SaaS Solutions

Managed full vendor strategy, negotiations, service level agreements, and statements of work.

17,000+ SKUs

As part of the MDM solution, our client had a portfolio of over 17,000 SKUs to centrally manage.

Unified Strategy

Prior to this initiative, the client operated differently across its vendor base. Moving forward, a unified strategy will be deployed.

Project Overview

Amid acquisitions, legacy ERP issues, and CRM implementation hurdles, our client requested Liberty’s assistance with assessing their data architecture and understanding the full scope, cost, and timeline of an MDM implementation, including vendor and System Integrator selection criteria for all Customer & Product business data. The client headquarters included a nationwide hybrid-remote environment with a lean  IT organization which added to the complexity of the project.

The Business Problem

Liberty was hired to perform three main tasks. Firstly, to evaluate the current bespoke architecture of the complex technology, which includes a CRM implementation that overlooked the need for golden records in customer and product data. Additionally, they were required to oversee modernization implementations for ecommerce as the client continued to acquire other businesses and distribution centers.

The second task was to manage the assessment of multiple vendors against internal criteria to ensure the best timing, cost, and delivery for the client’s needs.

Finally, Liberty was asked to provide a detailed roadmap, which included a detailed data architecture layout. The roadmap took into consideration numerous SKU and customer complexities, current and future resource availability and needs into the next financial year, Master Data Management (MDM) implementations, future Enterprise Data Warehousing next steps, and analytical modernization opportunities. The focus of the roadmap was to build a path for the client to realize future growth.

Data Architecture Strategy

The focus of work implemented by Liberty was threefold: evaluate the current state data architecture and processes in place to deploy the appropriate MDM solution, facilitate meetings and data workshops with business and IT representatives, and recommend solutions that address issues and mitigate risks.

Liberty successfully managed the vendor comparisons of 20+ SaaS solutions and implementors, managed negotiations of Service License Agreements and Statements of Work for the MDM solution, created a Data Integration Hub playbook specific to additional needs (Enterprise Data Warehousing and Enterprise Business Intelligence), and referred references for onboarding additional business data resources to improve the Data Integration Hub workstreams for subsequent projects.


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