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While working on another project for our client, the Liberty team spotted an opportunity in the data that was able increase operating income 40% during the first year. Find out how.

Impact At A Glance

40% Operating Income Improvement

Through advanced analytics and improved sales processes, Liberty achieved a significant 40% increase in operating income during the first year of implementation.

$8M Additional Operating Income

Over a span of two years, the implementation of the yield management toolset and sales process improvements led to an impressive $8 million increase in operating income.

$300K Recurring Pricing Errors

Analyzing customer Share of Wallet data and salesperson product mix uncovered recurring pricing errors worth $300,000 in their system, enhancing revenue accuracy and financial efficiency.

Project Overview

Liberty was able to utilize advanced analytics and knowledge from our prior work with our client on an ERP transformation project. By identifying and addressing opportunities in the sales/pricing process, a leading national fixture manufacturer realized bottom-line improvements.

The Business Problem

From our previous work with the client on an ERP transformation program, we recognized there were potential opportunities to improve operating income by improving sales processes. We recommended an assessment of pricing policies, sales processes, and do a bottoms-up analysis of the discount and pricing strategy/tactics employed by their independent sales representatives. Our hypothesis, together with executive team, was that there were likely opportunities to use management reporting tools providing transparency into sales yield across the enterprise that would likely result in higher operating income margins.

The Outcome

Liberty worked with the client to develop a yield management process and toolset that leverages their transaction data to generate powerful management reports to identify areas to increase pricing across products, customers, and regions. Additionally, the tool generates reports indicating sales across the available company products, which enable managers to assess and improve sales in product groups that are underdeveloped and under-marketed. The tool and improved processes enabled our client to more quickly realize price changes in the market – realizing price increases and cash rather than deeper discounts. The approach instilled sales representative discipline through fact-based management, which lead our client to increase profits selling the same products, to the same customers, at the same volume.

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